Fratus Pavimentazioni manufactures floor and wall coverings in natural stone that represent the perfect combination of craftsmanship and elegance. Thirty years of experience of our company, in Italy and abroad, in the flooring sector enriches all his works with an unparalleled professionalism. Thanks to the partnering with Petra Ltd., we could make our offer innovative and high-quality materials, satisfying even the most customer demands that turn to them.

The stone floors manufactured by our company are numerous and, depending on the type of format in which the stone is worked, we can divide them into three broad categories:

One of the formats of the most valuable in the processing of stones. The secret of our company is to associate the quality of the material used to the size of the format that highlights the features. This format enhances the environment in which it is located, thus becoming suitable for every type of location, modern or old.

The pebbles are the oldest type of paving known. Suitable for the construction of squares or as simple decoration of private gardens, this format is used to make the stone floors more elegant and durable, able to convey the passion and the high skills that Fratus Pavimentazioni employs to achieve them.

They are the most used format for the construction of floors. Cubes paving last significantly over time, prove to be suitable for every context and allow the possibility of including the decorations to satisfy even the most demanding customers.

Each project contains the history, the creativity, attention to detail and passion that Fratus Pavimentazioni is able to offer exclusive made stone floors that respond accurately to the demands of each customer.