The cube is the ideal stone cut for embellishing all the floors

This format allows you to create games of contrasting colors and geometric shapes.

Thanks to the laying technique and the format experienced since ancient times, the shape of cubes is surely the most widely used. All kinds of stones in this format can be used for the flooring, but some type of stones more than others are the ideal material for this work as the porphyry, the luserna stone and the granite. The floorings in cubes are long lasting because they have a structure that guarantees the duration and they have a shape and installation techniques which intensifies the resistance.

The floors made of cubes allow us to meet demands for any environments: squares, houses or streets. For this type of format, the researches has given the possibility of different uses without creating too many constraints to the design. In addition, for this type of cut, there are various installation techniques that allow to meet any architectural requirements.

Fratus Pavimentazioni, thanks to its professional staff, is able to create floors in cubes using only high quality materials. Come and visit us at our headquarters in Mornico al Serio (Bergamo).