The pebbles make any flooring original and unique.

Thanks to the infinity of colors and finishes, the pebbles for garden and outdoor flooring make each project inimitable.

The cobbles made with stones transformed in pebbles are a solution that accompanies the passage of time. In fact, this type of flooring has been used since ancient times when the man with poor machines has transformed the pebbles collected from the bed of a river and assembled them in base of fit, shape and color. Particularly suitable for large projects, such as making squares and numerous Lombard courtyard areas or as a form of decoration for flower beds and gardens, the pebbles are certainly the material best known and demanded in the market.

Fratus Pavimentazioni srl, a company with years of experience in delivering high quality flooring, always advised its customers in choosing the format that best suits with needs and environment in which intervention is required. The pebbles pavement, or in a more modern term the cobblestones, is a flooring that gives charm like no other. Suitable for those who do not like compromises and who have very specific ideas, a cobbled pavement expresses at the first sight the professionalism and craftsmanship, the patience and care that are used in creating it. This type of floor, with the help of new ligands, can bear any load and keep unaltered its beauty over time.

Rely on Fratus Pavimentazioni for the realization of your pebbles pavement: professionalism and excellence are ensured.