Stone slabs for external guarantee excellent results in any environment.

They are the most popular format both for flooring and for cladding.

Among the processing of natural stone flooring, stone slabs, which provide for the processing on regular cut, is definitely the most valuable format. With over 30 years of experience, Fratus Pavimentazioni srl has become a landmark in the traditional production of flooring and we always pays special attention to the exploitation of the “size” of ours products. This is because each variety of stone expresses the best of its peculiarities not only for the quality of the material, but also for the choice of a particular dimension of the format, finishing of the cut and the surface. Fratus Pavimentazioni srl knows that the stone slabs guarantee an excellent result as enhance any environment, giving a touch of modernity even in places marked with the elapsed time. The variety of materials and surface finishes allows to the range of stone slabs to be used in the most different contexts according to the structural needs.

Fratus Pavimentazioni srl is able to recommend the best solution even to the most demanding customers, satisfying every technical and functional needs. Discover the wide range of stone slabs which you can find at our shops in Bergamo.