Petra srl ​​was founded in early 2000 and is the official partner of Fratus Pavimentazioni for the accomplishments of beautiful and resistant stone flooring. The company supports Fratus Pavimentazioni constantly in the  research of new materials, offering customers new solutions and cutting-edge.

The strong passion and tenacity that has always characterized the brothers Fratus, Gianluigi, Max and Anna Paola, has led the market presence of the company Petra srl ​​to triple, opening in 2010 also the logistics hub of Roncadelle (BS) and in 2013 to Crema (CR), with an exhibition area of ​​over 15,000 square meters.

From the beginning the company is always looking for innovative materials and quality for new applications. Thanks to the collaboration with Petra srl, Fratus Pavimentazioni could further expand its design ability, signing the “important”works with the use of exclusive natural stones  for unique solutions. Our company is able to dictate trends in the field of stone flooring.

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